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DIOBLUE by APSID - Blue Light Protection Eyewear

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DIOBLUE by APSID - Blue Light Protection Eyewear

Your eyes can't be an exception from this eyestrain.
Have you ever heard of "blue light"?

In your every day lives, you are exposed to blue light of high energy. These light is emitted continuously from flat panel displays like computer monitor, smart phones, tablet PC, as well as LED lamps. Actually blue light is a part of visual light. However, because it is near the spectrum of ultraviolet, that is 380~500nm wave length, it is so powerful that it influences violently your eyes.

Blue light, if passed through standard or normal anti-reflection coated lenses, forms object image not in the retina itself but ahead the retina. So it disturbs your eyes forming clear image. Moreover, because your eyes' muscles continuously repeat contraction and relaxation for correct focusing, you feel eyestrains and, as a result, discomfort and fatigue.

If your eyes are exposed to blue light for a long time, you may suffer poor vision due to accelerated aging in your visual cells. Strain is increased. Your bodies' pulse and temperatures are increased. And in worse case, even sleeplessness due to suppressed Melatonin production is caused by the knock-on effect and disruption to body's internal biological clock.

Among all these problems, what is worst is such bad effects of blue light are easily ignored even if you are still seriously exposed to blue light through the digital devices and artificial lights.

So we decided to find a fundamental solution by ourselves. Target was simple. Protection from harmful blue light for your health!!!
In the end, we developed DIO BLUE!

With a help of state-of-art design system and nano coating technology, DIO BLUE blocks 30% or 50% of blue light depending on types. With DIO BLUE, you will enjoy maximized comfortable vision but minimized eyestrain

DIO BLUE, an innovative eye protection glasses, will protect you from harmful blue light. Experience and enjoy comfortable vision.


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