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Founded by René Lagrange, the company is located near the industrial city of Lyons, France.
Its initial vocation was to create and cast aluminium spare parts for the industry.
As early as 1956, taking advantage of the skills acquired in metal casting, the company invents the permutable iron waffle-maker.
This turns out to be the beginning of Lagrange’s specificity: the multifunction waffle-maker.
Since then, making its users’life simpler has become Lagrange’s main concern over the years.
To achieve this, the company has launched a comprehensive range of handy devices for home cooking.
Today this policy matches perfectly with the global trend of home-made products and has led to a wonderful new device: The Cheesemaker La fromagère
Using it is particularly simple.
To make your own cheese is now as easy as can be.
Just take a liter of milk, some white cheese and a few drops of rennet.
Gently mix, pour into the cheese pots and ..... there you are.
The Cheesemaker La fromagère uses a clever draining system to separate whey from cheese.
With The Cheesemaker La fromagère you can make a whole variety of cheeses from cheese spread to cottage cheese, and why not be a proper dairy farmer and produce your own real cheese !
In your sandwiches, in a glass jar with some savoury or sweet mix, make it an endless range of original recipes.
Let your imagination go wild and marry your cheese with honey and spice or strawberry sauce, wrap it into crunc,hy pastry or give your redberries crumbles the ultimate touch.

bon appetit !

Today is the time to savour sound natural and fresh home made food.
Treat yourself and your family.

Discover, create and enjoy with Lagrange.
creating tendencies, revealing taste.

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