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Fait Maison®

One appliance, five functions!
Bread, rice, yougurt, white cheese and jam.

Thanks to Fait Maison®, save money and be creative.
You will get tasty dishes with no additives nor preservatives.
And Fait Maison® is the ideal tool to save space on your worktop because you only use one appliance to bake bread, cook rice, make yogurts and white cheese.


LAGRANGE presents its latest product: Fait Maison®, a five function device for:
bread – rice – yogurt – white cheese – jam

Though multi-task, Fait Maison® remains compact and leaves you plenty of space on your worktop.

Fait Maison® comes with two bowls:
A blade bowl to bake your bread or cook your jam
A flat bottom bowl to:
Once the appropriate bowl is selected, just program your Fait Maison®:
With the blade bowl, read the instructions under the screen.
Programmes range from 1 to 12.
The number and time will appear on the screen.

With the flat bottom bowl, arrows point to the 4 different programmes:

rice cooking
fast rice cooking
white cheese

Time will appear on the screen and is adjustable for yogurt and white cheese.

For bread, you then have to select the weight: 700g or 900g.
Then if you prefer a light, medium or dark crust.
Finally, press the start button.

Fait Maison® is fitted with a warming mode as well as a timer to cope with all situations.
Now invent all the recipes you want:

Wholemeal bread
tomato bread
Steamed rice
Muesli yogurt
White cheese with red berry sauce
fresh goat cheese with honey and spice
Strawberry or apricot jam

With Fait Maison® change hat as you please!

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