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PRODHAG PLASTIQUES - Recycling plastics

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Since 1987, Services in grinding fashion.
Prodhag collects your trash production and trafficking: grinding, dusting, demetallization Purchase and processing of plastic by grinding. Trading and recovery of all new waste production and thermoplstiques elastomers.
Particle size of 300 microns to 25 mm.
QSE certification ISO 9001, 14001, 18001
Park of 26,000 standardized metal boxes of 1.4 m3 and foldable stackable.
Packing in big bags, boxes, bags on pallets, crates metal.
Cases UV.
International cargo.
Tracking: Tracking information on the receipt to shipment.
Site internet de PRODHAG : www.prodhag.com
Réalisation NOVAMOTION : www.novamotion.com

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